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3-Day Body Class (Patrina Fava)

"Glenna!! Three years ago when I was in your 3d body class in Toronto I asked you a question about the fact that I was not having periods. You asked me 2 questions.

1. is this a problem? and

2. are you planning on having any more children? To which my answer was no.

I was a little freaking out wondering if I had a tumor or something so you asked me does your body know that you do not want any more children and is helping you out?

Such an enormous contribution to me, I have not really had my period since, knowing that my body was beginning menopause avoided my gyne cause I knew she would want me to have a biopsy and a bunch of other invasive stuff. I knew I was fine. Finally had my hormone levels checked yesterday and they are waaaay down, indicating that I am fully into menopause. My doctor was a little confused when I was actually happy about this.

Just wanted to say than you, because every once in a while when I had fears pop up about something being wrong in my body, I always remembered what you asked me and remembered my awareness that everything was ok and that my body was responding to my wishes to not have any more kids and not need to use birth control any more!

So funny cause my husband had agreed to have a vasectomy while I was pregnant with my youngest and even HE avoided that. I wonder what he knew??

So thanks again!! Yay for a super easy menopause! lol,..

Yes, I know! It can be easy. And I think if I had known this three years ago, I may have bought into more of the trauma and drama of it all. It was good timing, I have taken another body class since yours and done a ton of body processes. Kinda cool that I waited until now. It was so funny to watch my dr.s reaction to my non-reaction. I just said "yeah I know. That's great!" And he was like "'re ok with this?" I'm only 40 so I think he figured I would have been upset.."

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