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3-Day Body Class (Amy Hirsch)

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

"I really did think I was just picking some little 3-day Access Consciousness body class in some out of the way little hotel in California and no one would be the wiser!! I didn't even really know the instructor, Glenna Rice, or the hosts, Gosia Lorenz and Andrew Gardella. I mean I had seen them at a few big classes and they seemed cool, but whatever. I even included my whole family in the adventure. Why not, no biggy! I wouldn't be doing anything too significant and could totally handle all the energies of my entire family coming along with me!

Even though I had no idea why I was going to this class, my body apparently knew different and was controlling the show! My mind was absolutely rebelling and resisting... "what do you mean, we're going to a BODY PROCESS CLASS??!? I HATE BODYWORK!! BOTH GIVING AND RECEIVING!!! (I won't even give my partner a back rub!!) WHAT IN GOD'S NAME ARE YOU POSSIBLY THINKING?!!?!? I know next to nothing about BODYWORK! And this class doesn't even count towards my Facilitator's Certification!!" (You see, I have convinced myself that I'm on the Facilitators Track with Access Consciousness which means I can only take classes that I can tell others when they wonder what in the hell I'm doing traipsing all over the world to these classes, that I am "studying" to be a certified facilitator... you know, like a wellness coach... trying to convince them that it's totally cool! and feeling inside --"Oh, for gods-sake,- just please don't judge me!!!"

So my journey began. My kids kept asking me if I was nervous. Really, no, not feeling a whole lot at all. Kind of peaceful! And as I walked in I noticed that the class was a nice size -- not too big and not too small, but I should have known something was up regardless -- there was just way too much joy, kindness and ease coming from Gosia and Andrew.

Then Glenna enters and begins our class. Her energy was new for me - more reserved than some of the other Access facilitators I had experienced, and even a little shy at first with this intriguing quiet power peeking out behind the reserve. She is whip-it smart and energetically astute, while at the same time resembling some kind of angel of light with her soft, pretty blue eyes, blond hair and wonderful nurturing, kind air about her. She would only offer her input if you ask or she senses you need it, and then she would zoom in subtle at first and then so quickly and fully that it was almost startling how powerful her facilitation and insights really are.

As far as the body processes, I kept waiting and dreading feeling uncomfortable. That feeling never came. The processes were easy, doable, and amazingly nurturing to administer and receive. I met some of the kindest, most beautiful people in that class that I have ever met and wanted to take a few of them home with me!

And one of the amazing realizations during this class was that I could feel my body in a completely brand new way and my body was HAPPY and ALIVE and willing to be there for me as it always has been and grateful that I did something just for ME, with no justification, computation, reasoning, making sense or any other figuring it out in my mind. I did this class because of the "knowing" to do it. And the magic being generated from the unlocking of my body from the amazing processes and from the people that created and contributed to this class has only just begun. And how does it get better than that???????

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