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"This is the study of the awareness of how bodies communicate and how we listen and talk to bodies merged with fundamental manual skills working with the fascial system of the body.  The fascia work creates space, a softening, elasticity, and bounciness with the body! People who’ve never ‘worked’ on bodies come out of this class trusting they can." ~ Dr. Glenna Rice

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A nonlinear approach to bodies that allows you to gain knowledge and abilities to work with:

  • The energetics of bodies using the pragmatic, magical tools of Access Consciousness.

  • Pioneering manual therapy skills, working with the entire body and its fascial system.

  • Enhancing your ability to touch, sense and perceive bodies.

  • The ability to contribute, nurture and care for the body.

  • The possibility of deconstructing the creation of dis-ease, limitation, solidity, judgment, and pain, so something greater is possible.

  • Receiving fantastic work for you and your body!

  • Asking questions with bodies to open the doors for the universe to contribute. 

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