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Great Parents empower their children’s lives without stopping their own. Someone who is able to be aware of their children, be aware of their own life, not stop their life and be there for what their children require when they require it without giving them more than they require. A great parent is willing to be the kind of parent that works for them and their family, not the kind of parent ‘you’re supposed to be’ which is a really different thing. 

Dr. Glenna Rice


Conscious Parents,

Conscious Kids Class

This BIG Being in a tiny body shows up in your life and what now?

Two day Conscious Parents Conscious Kids classes are packed full of pragmatic tips, tools and process on how to have fun being a parent and how to enjoy and have ease with being a kid. This is the handbook you’ve been asking for!


CPCK will  not give you any formulas on how to parent, but It will allow you to begin to see parenting in an entirely new way. With the amazing tools of Access, you can begin sifting through all the parenting advice you have ever been given. Then you can ask what would work for you and your children.


When you begin to parent from conscious awareness you can easily negotiate the big concerns of parenting, stop parenting from limitation, and begin to parent from infinite possibilities for you and your children. With the tools of Access you can start to parent with ease, by asking questions. What if parenting could stop being a job and begin to be a joy. 

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