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I was a medical professional with 3 degrees. Business was never interesting during school, I had one course that was so boring! It was years into my Physical Therapy practice before I even acknowledged that I owned a business. During an Access Consciousness workshop, possibilities to grow your business and have fun were offered, it was not boring. I  started applying all the tools and questions to my practice, my business. Today, all of that information over the years has contributed to growing my business into a worldwide company and is in the Joy of Business class. You can have it all in a 3-day class! How does it get any better? 

Dr. Glenna Rice

 Joy of Business

This 3-day Business Done Different Master Class will give you new tools and processes to change any area with business and money. This is an invitation to create more and be more.

What if you know more about business than what you have been willing to acknowledge? What if you never gave in and you never gave up and you were always creating? 

Most people don’t see any joy in business. They see business as hard, stressful, daunting, a struggle… and a whole lot of things that business can be, but doesn’t have to be!​


If anything could be possible in business, what would you choose? What would you need to change to make that choice a reality in your business? Would you be willing to know it can be this simple?

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