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Amazingly, everything in the Universe will begin to work with you and contribute to you when you ask a question. One of the changes I never expected when I chose to include me in the equation of my life is seeing how it has allowed my children to have that choice also. They have this awareness that I never had when I was that age. That the entire universe will support them in what they choose, limitations are not real and it is absolutely OK to have a life that works for them!

Dr. Glenna Rice


Founder/CEO of Access Physical Therapy | Creator of Energetic Manual Therapy | Conscious Business Advisor

Glenna is known for being:

~A benevolent and conscious leading entrepreneur- she has built her international company from the ground up with gross revenues topping $500k. Glenna often utilizes the Gig economy to support her business as well as country locals to support the business on the ground as she travels around the world.

~Passionate about contributing to people with consciousness work that facilitates healing in the body as well as all aspects of life including business, parenting and relationships. She is tenacious in continuing her own education to learn, grow and always bring more to her sessions and classes.

~A pioneer in creating a business that greatly supports her life and lifestyle as an entrepreneur, single mother, world traveller, teacher and healer.

Dr. Glenna Rice, DPT is a Physical Therapist, certified in Access Consciousness and Joy of Business, and is the creator of EMT- Energetic Manual Therapy. Glenna is also multi-Amazon best-selling co-author. She has been working with dancers, athletes, children for over 25 years. She travels internationally for her business, facilitating classes including The Access 3 Day Body Class, where you learn over 60 energetic hands-on processes and the Energetic Manual Therapy workshop, a manual course that combines the tools of Access with her extensive training in fascial mobility and as a Physical Therapist.

She knows that anything that the body is creating, be it injuries, pain, disease, discomfort or disability can change when you are asking questions from awareness, consciousness and no judgment has seen the tangible results in thousands of clients.

She is the owner of Access Physical Therapy in San Rafael, CA and is the creator of Energetic Manual Therapy. She earned her degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California and has been working with dancers, athletes, children and anyone who is asking for something greater with their body and lives for over 25 years.

Glenna has created a worldwide business from the ground up through individual clients, group workshops, classes and speaking. Glenna travels internationally throughout the year to speak and lead classes in Europe, Canada, Australia, Central and South America, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.

-Built a single-location office to an eight-continent global enterprise.
-Developed several workshops including Conscious Parents, Conscious Kids now certified by Access Consciousness as a speciality class available in the 170+ countries where they operate.
-Creator of the Energetic Manual Therapy technique now being facilitated in eight continents.

JOIN GLENNA around the world in person, or online,  for a class; listen to her monthly podcast; or book a private session.

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