• Glenna Rice

3-Day Body Class (Kara Dean)

"WoW!! Glenna...something has changed, something incredible!!

I have not enjoyed mushrooms for the last 38 years of my life...no, let's be real about this, I hated them!!

After your three day Access Body Class I have shifted amazingly, easily & joyfully into a new way of BEing!

So much ease that today I ate mushrooms & had no point of view on whether I "liked" them or not. My body said "YES!" I followed that & hey presto...even enjoyed them!

I could go on & on about the little nuances that have been shifting & changing!

Let's just say I am enraptured with my new sense of self & the continuing unfolding of what else is possible! SO much gratitude for you! I can highly recommend your facilitation to anyone out there who is thinking of taking this class!

Thank you for YOU xxx

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