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  • Glenna Rice

"Possibilities in Parenting"

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Most people with children would tell you that parenting is the most difficult job they've ever had. What if it didn't have to be either of those things, difficult or a job? Each of the 19 authors (Jennifer Chabot, Sadie Lake, Jennifer Cramer Windsor, Cassy Summers, Heather Nichols MSW, Brendon Watt, Cathleen Connor, Trina Rice OTR/L, MBE, Mary Dravis-Parrish, Dr. Glenna Rice, DPT, Gary Douglas, Fay Thompson, Susan Lazar Hart, Julie Oreson Perkins, Gosia Lorenz, Tanya Graham, Danielle Varanda, Kathy Williams, and Petrina Fava) share their personal revelations and unique awareness that may hold the keys for you unlocking the secret garden of life as a parent that is easier, more fulfilling, and way more fun than you've ever imagined parenting could be!Have you ever noticed that a huge part of what makes parenting seem difficult is the avalanche of judgment we pile upon ourselves to determine if we're getting parenting right? If you no longer had to measure your parenting against what the studies say, what all the experts in the books say, or even what your own parents or in-laws say, what would you do different, starting today? What if, instead of using other people's points of view as the barometer for our success or failures as a parent, we gave ourselves permission to consult own families to determine what, if anything, needed to change?While it is true that children don't come with a manual, there is no shortage of well-intended information to steer parents in the direction of what the "experts" have decided is best for children. Remember the days when "Mother's Intuition" was valued above all else? When you are creating your family life, your opinion matters. YOU matter. In our modern era, one thing parents are never encouraged to do is consult their own internal compass to determine the path they might like to follow. Possibilities in Parenting is about reawakening the awareness many of us have diminished by making everyone else's points of view more valuable to us than our own.This book is not about how to fix what someone has decided you're doing wrong. On the contrary, it's an invitation to step back into the equation of your life; for you to begin parenting from the choices you have available that would work for YOU.



Dr. Glenna Rice, MPT, DPT is a physical therapist, wellness and parenting coach, and certified facilitator of several Access Consciousness® special programs, including Joy of Business, Conscious Parenting, Conscious Kids and The Access Body Class.

She is the owner of Access Physical Therapy in San Rafael, CA and is the creator of Energetic Manual Therapy. She earned her degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California and has been working with dancers, athletes, children and anyone who is asking for something greater with their body and lives for over 25 years.

Glenna is a single mother of three, and knows firsthand how to negotiate raising incredible children whilst building and running a successful business. She hosts a monthly radio show, Question-able Conversations, on business, your body and parenting and is a contributing author in bestselling books on parenting and dance.

Glenna travels internationally, facilitating workshops to create greater awareness with bodies, creating a joy with business and a different possibility for parents. She maintains that anything that the body is creating, such as injury, pain, disease, discomfort or disability, can change when you are asking questions from a place of awareness, consciousness and no judgement. 

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